Playlist 16/06/2009

Bonjour tout le monde/Hi everyone
Du a certaines circonstances incontrôlables, l’émission reviendra à sa version 1.0 dès cette semaine, c’est-à-dire DJ Mel, seule à la production et a l’animation. Ce qui n’empêchera pas que de temps à autres, vous retrouverez Genevieve, Brice PO et les autres quand ils trouveront des nouveautés hors du commun.
Due to some circumstances, London Cafe will be back at its 1.0 version, which mean DJ Mel will host and produced by herself the show. though sometimes, when they’ll get time, our ex-co-hosts will probably come to play some new stuff.
Mais au menu, toujours des nouveautés…et des classiques britanniques/But, as always, new releases and classics from the UK indie world
Voici la playlist de cette semaine/Here’s the weekly playlist:
God Help The Girl-Funny Little Frog
Franz Ferdinand-Katherine Hit Me
The Prodigy-Stand Up
Rose Elinor Dougall-Stop/Start/Synchro
The Wave Machines-Keep the Lights on
Copy Haho-Pulling Push Ups
The Rakes-The Loneliness of the Outdoor Smoker
Patrick Watson-Big Bird in a small cage
Hayden-Let’s break up
Timber timbre-Until the night is over
Heather Jones-Penrhyn Gwyn
The Clash-Lost in the Supermarket
Triphazard-Stop rewind fast forward
Post War Years-Soul Owl
Esser-I Love You
Bright Light Bright Light-A New Word to say
This Love Affair-Answers on a Postcard
The Enemy-No Time For Tears
Laki Mera-Shooting

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