Doves @ Le National

Jez Williams: credit to DJ Genie

Jez Williams: credit to DJ Genie

Tuesday June 2nd, team London Cafe went to Manchester-based band Doves in Montreal. Support was provided by Wild Lights from New Hampshire. Quite ordinary but we was so happy when Doves entered the stage and played the first note of the New-Orderesque Jetstream that definitely proved that they are part of the Manchester sound creators scene. Then, they progressed in the line up of songs to play some gems that we all know like Snowden, the rocking Pounding and the lovely The Greatest Denier. After being a little more smooth, they went on with the catchy Black and White Town and the almost country folk of Caught by the River (well in fact the song sounded really different from the album with Jez playin’ on some acoustic guitar). But one of the hightlights was definitely when they started to play Here it comes and that Jimi Goodwin and Andy Williams swapped their position (Jimi on drums instead and andy at the mic and guitar). Concluding the show with the beautiful There Goes The Fear was a great idea. Though we’re a little bit deceived they didn’t played some other songs as the likes of Catch The Sun or The Man Who Told Everything, but despite that it was definitely a great 1h30 set. A magical night to remember.

Set List:
Winter Hill
Almost Forgot
Kingdom of Rust
Black and White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River
Here it Comes
The Last Broadcast
There goes the fear

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