Playlist 12/05/2009

Une nouveauté des Horrors/a new release from the Horrors
The Horrors-I can’t control myself

le mix indie rock de Mel/Mel’s indie rock mix
The Futureheads-Danger of the Water
Kaiser Chiefs- Half the truth
Maximo Park-the Kids are sick again

Le record de la semaine/Track of the week
Rod Thomas-Your love is a tease
*il travaillera bientôt sous le nom de Bright Lights Bright Lights, car eh oui vous connaissez surement le chanteur de Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas, et ça porte à confusion/Due to confusing names (almost the same as Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas), he’ll change soon his artist name to Bright Lights Bright Lights***

Le mix groovy smooth de PO/PO’s groovy smooth mix
Morcheeba-Over and Over
SoCalled-You are never alone

Un petit mix éclectique/a little eclectic mix
Camera Obscura-French Navy (as requested by Griff)
Your Twenties-Billionaires
Golden Silvers-Arrows of Eros

Le classique de la semaine/classic of the week
Massive Attack-Angel

Le demo de la semaine/demo of the week
The Gin Riots-the polka

Un peu d’électro/some electro beats
Basement jaxx-Lights go down
Peaches-Mommy Complex
Friendly Fires-Lovesick

Le mix indie rock de PO/PO’s indie rock mix
Franz Ferdinand-Live Alone
Editors-All Sparks

Et pour finir…/and last…
Acid Casuals-Long time no see


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