Playlist 05/05/2009

un souvenir de Leeds/some Leeds souvenir

le mix indie-rock de Mel/Mel’s indie rock mix
Pulled Apart By Horses-I punched a lion in the throat
iForward Russia!-Don’t reinvent what you don’t understand

Le record de la semaine/track of the week
Mi Mye-The Last

le mix indie-pop-rock de PO/PO’s indie-pop rock mix
The Dears-Lost in the Plot
Morrissey-One Day Goodbye will be Farewell
British Sea Power-Victorian Ice

un peu de r’n’b hip hop indie électique/some r’n’b hip hop eclectic indie
The Streets-Don’t mug yourself
Mongrel-The Menace

demandes spéciales électro indie/electro indie requests
Metronomy-My heart rate rapid (request from Gen)
Late of the Pier-The Bears are coming

Classique de la semaine/Classic of the Week
Electrelane-Film Music

Demo de la semaine/Demo of the week
Ryco Saints-My Turn

du garage made in Montreal/some made in Montreal garage
Fuad and the Feztones-Brother in Law
The Treblemakers-Exploding bikers from Hochelaga

un peu d’indie pop/some indie pop
The Ting Tings-Keep your head
Danananananakroyd-Black Wax (request from Susie)

et pour finir/and last…
Calvin Harris-Girls (acoustic)


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