The Whip Interview

Yet,  another interview of the bunch I’ve done a couple of weeks ago. Indeed, I did get the chance to hang around with some bands like this one from Manchester, The Whip. The band played Montreal, supporting Late of the Pier, and I catch up with Bruce Carter, singer and songwriter (with keyboardist Danny Saville) and drummer Lil’Fee.

We chatted first about the birth of the band. Typical story. Band members the-whip-021all worked together and then, in search of a drummer, Nathan’s friend, Lil Fee just joined the guys. So I asked her if it was hard for her to be a girl drumming in a boy’s world…


Then, I’ve discussed with Bruce about he and Danny process when they write their ”oh so catchy” tunes. Messy notes, ideas on the fly, that’s mainly what they do.

But, The Whip are multi-talented as they also worked on some remixes. Some of these remixes including ”An the-whip-025End Has A Start” by Editors, ”Anyway you choose to give it” by Black Ghost, ”Strenght in Numbers” by The Music and so many mores. Though, Bruce admitted the fact that they will do less remixes in the next couple of months to concentrate on album number 2.

But how their second record will sound like? More raw, more meat, more dancey, well that’s what they’ve told me. And it’s not their first tour in North America so we talked a little bit about that and what people over here think about them.

When you see them live, wherever they play, expect party at its best.

To download the full interview simply click here

Enjoy and stay tuned for more reviews, interviews and stuff  in the future…


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