White Lies Interview

Here’s part 2 of my bunch of interviews…After Ed Mac and Edd Gibson from Friendly Fires, I did get the chance to meet Charles Cave, bassist and lyricist,  from the new hyped, but how great band, White Lies. We chatted about various things like the band’s nomination at the Brits 2009 for the Critic’s Choice (they finished third behind Little Boots and Florence and the Machine), Charles’ songwriting processes, influences, future plans, being part of  NME Awards Tour earlier this year, etc…

Before being White Lies, the three members of the bands were studyin’ at university and they played as Fear of Flying. Then, they’d change the name to White Lies, and now they’re the band you all know about…

Download Charles’ words about the history of the band here

Then, we talked about the nomination at the Brits. It felt strange for them as the album wasn’t even out when they did get nominated for the Critic’s Choice prize. You can listen to Charles’ point of view by clicking here

White Lies got a particular talent into turning dark lyrics into great catchy melodic songs. With Charles, we discussed about their composition process. Charles always write the lyrics first, then he composed the music with Harry playing piano next to him.

Also, the band will get no rest till Xmas, promoting ”To Lose My Life” across the globe…And hopefully they’ll come back to Canada in September

Download Part 3 of the interview here

Finally, we chatted about the NME awards tour earlier this year in the UK where White Lies played with Friendly Fires, Glasvegas and Florence and the Machine. The experience was interesting according to him. Also, everyone  seems to compare them to the likes of Joy Division. In this part, Charles is talking about the albums the band was listening to while they were recording as the likes of Scott Walker, Kings of Leons and many different stuff.
Click here to download part 4

Was a great experience for me to chat with a very talented musician…Hope you enjoy and feel free to send comments about it.
in the next few days, you’ll be able to find other interviews as I did get the chance to meet also Glasvegas’ James and Rab Allan and Bruce and Lil’Fee from The Whip.

See ya!



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