Friendly Fires-Interview

As promised! Yeah it’s been two busy weeks interviewing UK indie bands in Montreal just before their gigs…So here’s the first one of the series…

Just a little bit before their gig at Les Saints on March 30th, sitting in their tourbus, your DJ, Melanie , met Ed MacFarlane, singer, and Edd Gibson, guitarist from Friendly Fires. We talked about how they did get together, their musical inspirations, projects and some djing sessions they’ve done on Radio One’s Zane Lowe take over.

Part One..
We chatted about how they record their first album. In fact, they recorded their whole self-titled album with an SM-58 cheap microphone in their garage instead of doing it in a studio. Despite all that, their album is sounding really ace! Paul Epworth (i.e. Bloc Party, The Rakes famous producer) work with them on Jump in the Pool, though. Also in this part, we discussed about how they became Friendly Fires, as when they were younger, they were a postpunk band, so they were sounding really different than now.

Click here to download part 1

Part 2..

Then, we chatted about the song Paris, as they’ve collaborated with NYC three-piece band Au Revoir Simone. Track was mixed by Rich Costey but before releasing the album version there was a 7” ( which was out on Moshi Moshi), but the band really prefer the romantic attitude with the female vocals.

Click here to download part 2

Part 3
What about their next plans? No rest, touring and already working on new tracks…described by Ed MacFarlane as the next step to Jump in the pool with a little more samba in the sound. Also we talked about the videos, Jump in the pool which was more artistic, and On Board which was more funny…They spent loads of time in a tank to shoot Jump in the Pool, it was exhausting, but they liked the results of the final vid.

Click here to download part 3


Part 4
We also talked about their Zane Lowe take over on radio one. they were nervous at first but they were really excited about djing. and they were also part of the NME awards tour so we had a little chat about how the tour go with Glasvegas, White Lies and Florence and the Machine

Click here to download part 4

then, we concluded the interview and they’ve told me about them supporting Blur ** DJ Mel was wearing a Blur tshirt, that’s why**, so we talked about that, and Ed Mac told me Damon Albarn wanted to take them in Africa…yeah sometimes funny things happens when you are interviewing a band. So hope you like it, and further interviews coming soon.



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