The Whip /Late of the pier, April 9th 2009

the-whip-0231What a great night to start the Easter weekend! At Montreal club night Les Saints, Late of the Pier and The Whip were playing. It was a dazzling electro nu rave night. DJ Trebek from Montreal put some ambience before both bands hit the stage. Great electro beats perfectly mixed together. Then at 22h15 or so The Whip came on. They kicked things off with Muzzle no 1, then other album tracks. They even played their own version of Black Ghosts’ Any way you choose to give it…As our London Cafe other collaborator said, Lil Fee the drummer (girls rocks at drumming) is like a ”female Stephen Morris”. She’s really crackin’ good at it. Good presence and energy on stage from the other band members as well..It was great fun.

Then Late of the Pier camethe-whip-054 on later. It was, how can I say it….MENTAL!!! in a good way. Loads of energy from all the band. The drummer is excellent and the keyboardist is like a kind of androgenic new Marc Bolan. Seriously it was a great concert. Keyboardist even done some crowdsurfing during Focker and the singer, Sam Eastgate was jumping everywhere. He even stay up on the drums and people were trashing. Late of the Pier is maybe a young band, but they are very promising as live it’s as good as on the album.

The Whip and Late of the Pier are definitely bands to check out in the near future of party, dance electro rock music of the UK area.

For further info on them:

The Whip:
Late of The Pier:


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