Paul Haig day-April 6th 2009

Following other bloggers, we called April 6th Paul Haig day. Who’s Paul Haig? He’s a legend in the world of  Scottish music. Indeed, he was part of post-punk band Josef K as the main singer-songwriter. Then, after the band demise, he worked on various solo project and recent work was released on ROLinc  (Electronik Audience was released in April 2008 and Go out tonight more recently). This last work was clearly influenced by Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire and electronic ambiences. To discover what’s going on in Haig’s world, you can have an overview of it just here. Paul Haig’s legend is still alive!

Paul Haig-The Reason (MP3)

2 thoughts on “Paul Haig day-April 6th 2009

  1. Hi melanie,

    great sentiment…

    thanks for your support. look out for new releases and exclusive tracks from ROLinc coming via the Vinyl Villain in future. Keep spreading the word about new music…

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