London Cafe’s crazy week!

What a crazy week for the London Cafe team!…Started on Monday March 30th, we’d met Charles Cave, bassist from White Lies and Friendly Fires’ Ed MacFarlane and Edd Gibson (interviews on here soon!). Then, on April 2nd we did get the chance to meet James and Rab Allan from the Glaswegian four-piece Glasvegas (though James was talking all the way). Here’s a review of the week, signed by your DJ, Melanie…

The Soft PackMarch 30th gig at Les Saints began with a brand new Californian outfit called The Soft Pack. They delivered a great ”pack” of rock’n’roll and the funny part was when their singer came on stage with an old school radio which was playin’ a cassette of Sweet Home Alabama song. Their performance was cool, they share thoughts on their song with a great sense of humor, but the only problem was the sound…we didn’t really understand the lyrics the singer was singing.

Then, White Lies came on stageWhite Lies at like 9 pm or so.The London trio offered a great show despite illness. Indeed, Harry McVeigh, singer of the band was suffering of a bad bad cold. But they survived to it and played almost all their songs from the first album To Lose My Life . The crowd was very receptive to their music and they proved with their performance that the hype around them is well justified.

Setlist was:

Farewell to the Fairground
To Lose My Life
From the Stars
A place to hide
Unfinished business
Fifty on our foreheads
The Price of Love

So, the only album track they did not play was Nothing to Give. But if I got to describe them: they’re incredibly talented.

Then, 3rd band to come on stage was three young men from London as well, Friendly Fires. Their first self-title album was on the CISM 89.3 FM charts  (the station where London Cafe is broadcasted each week) a while ago and when I discovered that they would come to play in Montreal I was pretty much excited. Friendly Fires are three energetic guys that  white-lies-friendly-fires-0841created some dancey-pop vibe at the club they were playing. They’ve played all the tracks from their album.Friendly Fires are here to stay

The setlist was:
Jump in the Pool
Skeleton Boy
In the hospital
White Diamonds
On board

and for the encore it was Ex-Lover.  Friendly Fires are working on some few new tracks even if they’re currently on tour. More news to come soon.

Then to conclude the crazy week, I went from London to Glasgow as Thursday night it was Glasvegas turn to hit the stage in Montreal. Interviewed James and Rab from the band just before their gig (interview on air soon, more info soon on this blog). Gig kicked off at 9pm with an all-female electro rock band called Von Iva coming all the way from San Francisco.Von Iva This band is really reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, some old Elastica, well they gave loads of stage presence and they’re really energetic especially their singer who was jumpin’ all around, even sang in the middle of the crowd. This was a great discovery.

Then Glasvegas came in. The Glasgow quartet proved that even with all the hype they were given in numerous radio stations, magazines and stuff  (in fact they won NME Radar Award last year and XFM new Music this year), they are a brilliant band. Glasvegas wasn’t meant to be a band (singer James, and guitarist Rab were more into football when they were young) but after a few years Glasvegas was born. And they did a cracking self-titled album last year, so they were in Montreal to promote it. Better live than on the album I should say. Sixties sounds à la Phil Spector, sometimes reminding us how the shoegaze era was awesomeglasvegas-026, Glasvegas is one of the best thing coming up from Scotland in these days. Gig was full of electrifying sounds, great guitar riffs, James Allan’s voice was solid. What to ask more?

Their setlist was:

Lonesome Swan
It’s my own cheating heart that makes you cry
Polmont on my mind
Fuck you it’s over
S.A.D. Light
Flowers and Football Tops
Ice Cream Van
Go Square Go
Please Come Back Home
Daddy’s Gone

Seriously, it was a week to remember. Stay tuned and keep reading the blog for further info about interviews I did. And don’t miss our coverage of Late of the Pier/The Whip gig that is coming for us next week…

and for further info on the bands mentioned in this blog you can see their official websites, myspaces, etc..

The Soft Pack-
White Lies- or
Friendly Fires-  or
Von Iva-
Glasvegas- or


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