Bloc Party and Holy Fuck…what an amazing night

img_0722Last Wednesday, London’s Bloc Party were in Montreal to promote their 3rd album Intimacy. It was a night of hell, but good hell. Concert began with Toronto instrumental four-piece Holy Fuck with their psychedelic rock à la Spacemen 3. Then, Bloc Party entered the stage and first song started the moshpit. Kele and co demonstrated loads of energy during all their gig. During Flux, with all the sounds and lights effects we believed ourselves in some rave party as the crowd was so good and energetic as well:) All I can say is that this gig was filled with loads of hits: Banquet, Helicopter, Mercury, Hunting for Witches and so much more.  And the band was very generous, they sooooo like the crowd so they’d done 2 encores just for our listening pleasure…what a night!!!

to see picture of the night go on the gallery page

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