Playlist 17/02/2009

DJ Brice album of the moment
Late of The Pier-Focker

Un peu d’indie dance rock/Some indie-dance rock
The Rakes-We danced together
Franz Ferdinand-Can’t stop feeling
The Long Blondes-Century

Record de la semaine/Track of the week
Morrissey-All you need is me

Brits Awards 2009
The Verve-Valium Skies
Elbow-Weather to fly

nous allons vous présenter les principales nominations ainsi que nos prédictions/we will present you this year’s nominees and our predictions

Le mix electro-dubstep de Pierre-Olivier/Pierre-Olivier electro dubstep mix
Mr Scruff-Music takes me up (feat. Alice Russell)
Nightmares on wax-You wish
Hot Chip-Over and Over

Classique de la semaine/Classic of the week
Pet Shop Boys-Rent

Demo de la semaine/Demo of the week
Seedy Player-Seconds

un peu de rock et d’électro canadien/some canadian rock and electro
A.C Newman-The Palace at 4AM
Junior Boys-Count souvenirs

Pour groover/ some groovy tracks
Gorillaz-Kids with guns
Boyz Noise-Shine Shine

Et pour finir/and last…


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