Spécial Halloween/Halloween Special (mixé par DJ Brice/mixed by DJ Brice)
Recoil-Black Box (Part 1)
Ian Brown-Thriller
Recoil-Black Box (Part 2)
The Horror! The Horror-It was everything everything
Recoil-Black Box (Part 3)
N.A.H.P.I Band-do they know it’s Halloween?
Ebony Bones- We know all about you (www.myspace.com/ebonybones)

Spécial Halloween/Halloween Special (mixé par DJ Mel/mixed by DJ Mel)
Add N to X-Invasion of the Polaroid people
Relaxed Muscle-Beastmaster
The Wyrd Sisters-Do the hippogriff
(de la trame sonore d’Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire, ce groupe est composé de Jarvis Cocker, de membres de Radiohead et d’Add’n’to’X/ from Harry Potter Goblet of Fire motion picture soundtrack, this band features Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead/ Add’n’to’X members)
Metric-Monster Hospital
The Automatic-Monster
Zombina and the Skeletones- To the grave and beyond

Le classique de la semaine de Brice/Brice’s Classic of the week
Sisters of Mercy- More

Démo de la semaine/Demo of the week
Bells for René-Crosswords (www.myspace.com/bellsforrene)

Les nouveautés de la semaine/New Releases of the week
Snow Patrol-Crack the shutters
The Cure-Underneath the Stars
Kaiser Chiefs-Spanish Metal
Bloc Party-Better than Heaven

Et pour finir/and last…
Duffy-Distant Dreamer
Mother Mother-Miles


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