Unsigned bands of the week # 1

Well, I’ve decided to put on this blogs some music tips in the unsigned UK indie world

                                 Bells for René

Heading from Liverpool, these four guys offers cracking electro-indie-rock disco.  Silent Disco is reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand and Parka groovy beats but they can do it with their own way. And you can just only dance to  Crosswords. In one word, they created great indie floorfillers!

The Jayways

From Essex, this 5-piece band goes with a clash of new refreshing stuff inspired by a 60’s vibe and also reminiscent of the likes of The Clash, The Kooks, The Libertines, just to name a few. Boiling Point, taken from their demo ep is a mix of folkish pop-rock tune, you gonna like if you’re a fan of Coral like music. The other songs are also excellent if you like the influences named above. You gotta have this demo EP in your collection.



For great electro-indie-clash floorfillers, you have to listen definitely to this. They’ve played numbers of festivals, done SXSW in Texas, and so much more. This year, they delivered ”Broken Sleeping Patterns”, an album full of hits. Electric, eclectic, original and great hooks! Tracks you should have in your collections: Ike and Tina, Capital City, and Sleep is impossible (which is featured on the famous Grand Theft Auto series)


More to come soon, hope you liked!


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