Bang Bang Rock’N’Roll on June 17th/Bang Bang rock’n’roll le 17 juin

The Ting Tings-Shut up and let me go
Think Blondie’s Rapture mixed with old disco (i.e. Last Night a dj saved my life)/Pensez à un mélange de la pièce Rapture de Blondie avec du vieux disco des années 70 (i.e. Last night a dj saved my life

Genevieve’s Bang Bang Rock’n’Roll mix/ça rock’n’ roll avec Geneviève
Arctic Monkeys-The View from the Afternoon
Isles of thieves-Wallflower
The Nightjars-Bass Drum

Brice’s Record of the Week/Le record de la semaine de Brice
The Detachments-Fear no fear

Pour vous procurer cette pièce: sortie prévue le 7 juillet sur étiquette This is not an exit et disponible dès maintenant au format digital sur
WHERE CAN I GET MY HANDS ON IT: Fear No Fear is out on July 7 on This Is Not An Exit. Available now through digital download at  
Brice Electro-rock beats/le mix electro rock de Brice
The Slips-Girls at the back up
Four years, hundred hour weeks, living and sleeping in the biggest studios in London, David Treahearn and Rob Haggett worked with everyone from Madonna and Gwen Stefani to Björk, Massive Attack and FischerSpooner, before breaking out to form The Slips in the summer of 2007. Inspired by the European sound wash of Digitalism and Sebastian, and by Diplo and Cornelius from over the seas, they began cranking out pulsating glitch disco from their London bunker. Their remix of CSS’s Music Is My Hot Hot Sex was picked up and thrown across the airwaves by everyone from Rob da Bank at Radio One to Vicarious Bliss at Ed Banger. The Slips have been working with Mirwais on new artist Y.A.S; and the French producer is also remixing their first UK single, due for limited release in September 2008. They played their first show the day the no-smoking ban came to London which immediately led to bookings for further dates across London and the UK.

FIND MORE:/pour plus d’infos:  


The Whip-Dubsex

Trash video:


Brice’s Classic of the week/Le Classique de la semaine de Brice
XTC-The Ballad of Peter Pumpkin Head

“The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead” is a single by XTC from their 1992 album Nonsuch. The song was covered and released as a single by Crash Test Dummies in 1995 for the soundtrack to the film Dumb and Dumber. Crash Test Dummies’ version is notable in the fact that it was their first of two singles to feature Ellen Reid on lead vocals. The Crash Test Dummies version differs slightly to the XTC version, omitting the second verse.
The song follows the story of Peter Pumpkinhead, a man who comes to an unspecified town, “spreading wisdom and cash around”. He is extremely popular with the people of the town, but extremely unpopular with government figures. In the end, Peter Pumpkinhead is killed by those he made enemies of, “nailed to a chunk of wood” (probably a reference to being crucified, like Jesus, possibly even comparing the two men).

Many believe “Peter Pumpkinhead” is a pseudonym for and refers to one of various historic figures such as John F. Kennedy, Jesus Christ or John Lennon. However, the writer of the song, Andy Partridge, stated that he was not referring to any one being, but to such characters and their lives as a whole; namely that their mission to do good resulted in their death brought about by “government” figures.

The name Peter Pumpkinhead in fact came about by Partridge having carved out a Hallowe’en pumpkin and, following the October festival, sticking it on one of the fence posts in his garden. Partridge walked past the pumpkin each day on the way to his composing shed and, feeling sorry for the increasingly decaying fruit head, decided to write a song about him.

There are two different versions of the XTC music video, both of which feature a scenario very similar to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, although one is heavily edited for US TV broadcast and removes much of the more controversial material. They also briefly feature an actress dressed like Marilyn Monroe during the 3rd verse. In addition, the uncensored video makes brief reference to Jesus Christ by flashing the words “three nails” and showing a crown of thorns. The lyrics “Peter Pumpkinhead was too good; Had him nailed to a chunk of wood” reinforce this crucifixion reference. It also cross references all three stories by strongly implying that the death of all three were caused because of some sort of government conspiracy.

Crash Test Dummies’ music video features Jeff Daniels reprising his role of “Harry Dunne” from Dumb and Dumber. In the video, Harry falls and gets a Jack-o’-lantern stuck on his head. In his struggle to get it off, he foils a bank robbery and becomes a media sensation. However, he is unfairly found guilty of the bank robbery and narrowly avoids being hanged (he is saved by the pumpkin, which is placed on his head before he’s put in the noose).


Mel’s Under-Arcade Fire-influenced/les groupes a la Arcade Fire de Mel
Wolf Parade-The Grey Estates
The Strange Death of Liberal England-Angelou
sortie prévue du single 7” le 14 juillet sur étiquette Fantastic Plastic/7”single due on Fantastic Plastic on the 14th of July
Iliketrains-We go hunting

Demo of the week/Le demo de la semaine

Genevieve’s summer mix/le mix d’été de Genevieve
Foals-Heavy Water
Hadouken!-Declaration of War
The Charlatans-Oh Vanity

Mel’s going to Leeds/Melanie s’en va a Leeds
The Pigeon Detectives-Love you for a day (hate you for a week)
Kaiser Chiefs-Every day I love you less and less

and last…some motown soul /et pour finir…un peu d’ambiance soul Motown
Jamie Lidell-Where d’you go

New releases/Nouveautés
Coldplay-Viva La Vida
The Whip-X-Marks Destination (for Canada)
Feeder-Silent Cry
Hot Club de Paris-Live at the Dead Lake


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