Retro sunny vibes

If you wish to go back in the 60s vibe this weekend, you can have a listen to Fur. Hailing from Brighton, they released recently their new single If You Know That I’m Lonely.

Perfect for a beach party or even a car ride, it grows up on us. We can feel the jangly pop and softness of Beach Boys classic with a touch of Americana folk melodies.

We also love the tiny melancholia bridges. Less than three minutes, but so refreshing and waving.

You can listen to the song below:


Weekly grooves

Here’s a couple of tracks that we listened through the weekend, some rock’n’roll, electro jams and so many bangers!

Alice Rowe-Uninterested

R’n’b and hip hop vibes with soft dark vocals are really hitting us in the heart.  The London songstress is giving us bops and rhymes perfectly entertwined with a girl power touch. Yes ladies, there is plenty of talent out there and she’s definitely one to watch.

ilu-Graffiti Hen Ewrop

If you’re more into psychedelic retro experimental vibes, you will fall in love with that new single out on Libertino Records on August 3rd. Reminding of Gwenno’s first album vibes and also some old early eighties post-punk, we are totally hooked to the vocal harmonies and the tight drum beats. Also, there is some Doctor Who alien-like sounds that we can’t get enough of.  Welsh music is rocking and here to stay.


Stereo Honey-Don’t Speak

Don’t Speak is the brand new single from London’s quartet Stereo Honey. In between dark lyrics and melancholia, we can feel the strong hooks and force of living. The chorus line keep banging in our heads and we love the  late britpop influenced sounds. Stereo Honey  created a piece of art with falsettos and catchy vibes.

Gathering Of Strangers-Nice Hair

If you’re feeling more into rock’n’roll, here’s new Manchester outfit Gathering Of Strangers. Their brand new single is a mix of guitar pop with seventies rock’n’roll. The guitar riffs are addictive and it’s impossible not to tap our feet while listening.  A great piece of joyful music and sweet as sugar!

Beats beats beats


It’s been 5 years and now the trio is back with a brand new album Blaze Away out on Friday. Summertime soul, Caribbean sways and great catchy soft suave vocals by Skye Edwards is all we need.

Afro Sam-Baggie Eyes EP

Great rhymes and poetics are not only from the deep ends of London. Manchester’s own Afro Sam released a couple of weeks ago Baggie Eyes EP on Very Clever Records. Plenty of hard groovy beats and catchy lines, Afro Sam is bringing the cultural vibes of the North West with a bang! We love the way it hits in the heart! Watch his latest video for the track Basic below!

Vital Idles-Left Hand

If you feel more into an indie mood, why not taking a listen to this brand new outfit from Glasgow.

With some artsy pop with experimental sounds, it’s a love game with the staccato riffs and the vocal variety of harmonies from the female singer. Between post-punk and female early britpop, the Glaswegians knew how to create catchy lines.

Late Sunday vibes

Boy Azooga-Jerry

While awaiting for their long anticipated record out June 8th on Heavenly Records, the Welsh outfit are sending us the 60s hippie love with the beautiful new single Jerry.

With the melting harmonies reminiscent of The Byrds and the jangly soft beats, it’s sounding paradise and we can wait to hear the album in full. Well worth the hype right now!

Fake Laugh-On Loop

An happy vibe is coming from this upcoming London’s singer songwriter. The new single On Loop is transporting us on some dreamy mood with the falsettos and notes variations. It’s in the middle of britpop and shoegaze with solid rythmics.

Hover Bored-Safe Side

No it’s not the future yet but we can’t get enough of the dark agressive tones of the guitar on Safe Side, the brand new single from Manchester quartet Hover Bored. Within the atmosphere of early 80s synth arrangements, we also hear some rebellious grungy drifts from the drums which makes it more like an infectious earworm. Rock’n’roll at its best!

Ben Mason-Oi! Rapscallion

It’s summertime and we love hearing music around a campfire. Singer-songwriter Ben Mason is releasing his second full album after a couple of EP’s and a project last year with friends covering his own songs.

Oi! Rapscallion is an escape to the deepest universe with a blend of instrumental psychedelia and folkish cute songs.

Final War To The Inevitable Barbie is bringing us back to the nostalgia of the 70s with the dark souls the guitar riffs showing all over the track. We can definitely think of the likes of Pink Floyd while listening closely.

Brilliantly fulfilled with some short melodic interludes (Mayqueen, Meow, Ghoti…) we travel in a world plenty of smiles, tears and joy.

Ben Mason brings us honest songwriting, with pure and simple instrumentations, no overproducing, just a final product that made us enjoy the nature of things.

If you feel sad or cheered up, wants to listen to something around a campfire and chilling with friends, Oi! Rapscallion is out now through Ben’s Bandcamp

Listen to a track below:

Weekend sound bites!


Here’s an electronic pop intro to Maddie Jones, Welsh singer-songwriter who loves to experiment. Her new single under Madi Band, Intimate is an exploration of beats, addictive confident vocals.

We feel influences from various background but we can see an obvious reference of the likes of Roisin Murphy or Alison Goldfrapp.

Intimate we’re definitely into it with the different melodic bridges all around the tune!

Aidan Black-Paradise

It’s summertime and to fulfill your good vibes, why not discover that track from London’s newcomer Aidan Black.

Paradise is perfect to get the party started with the upbeats and the buzzing falsettos.

This song is made to make us feel good and in a joyful way. It suits the title, it’s obviously an hidden paradisiac gem.

Paris Youth Foundation-Off The Button

Back with a brand new song Off The Button, the Northern England band are back with infectious shoegazy guitars riffs.

Off the Button is mixing and dosing melancholia and britpop, early 2000’s sound in a great way, gearing us up for the roadtrip of our lives!

Art Block-Eliza EP

Hailing from East London, singer songwriter Art Block as his “nom de plume” just released the Eliza EP available now on his Bandcamp page.

Reminiscing of melancholic Kid A’s era with a twist of folk sad songs, the title track Eliza opens beautifully with the piano intro and the vocal soft vibratos. The cello bridge is bringing up all the emotions.

Then we entering in a dylanesque, buckley-esque universe with I KnowYou Won’t Tell A Soul. This is a perfect song to cuddle around a campfire on a summer night.

It’s followed by the magical classical vibe of Eternal. The aches, the love, we always have to fight with the time and this song is a perfect piece of melancholy, to listen when the rains pour up in the nature.

Closing with Remembrance, we still feel the omnipresent sadness, with tiny bits of hopes with angelic instrumentations and orchestrations.

Artblock is definitely an artist to discover if you want to enjoy nostalgia and fulfill your lovely nights.