Heaven is a place on Earth

Since 2017, we had to hear pop bangers from the Billboard hit single Strip That Down to the latest number Stack It Up feat A Boogie With Dat Hoodie.Nearly three years later, we finally get the entire record. With a total of 17 songs including all the previous singles (Bedroom Floor, the magnificent collab with Rita Ora’s For You, Polaroid and more) Liam Payne is flying high with LP1.

For its first solo record, he chose a simple title indeed. But, it have also a precious meaning being a tribute to his own fans who kept in their minds that name for the album.

Liam Payne totally knows how to bop on the opener Stack It Up, because yeah we all need to work hard to reach our goals. His album is such a soothing light. The beats on Remember is letting us loose in a dreamy vocal adventure, Payne proving his versatile range once again.

Between love and heartbreaks, the harmonies are just enough, with some high notes coming back and forth showcasing the talent he has, interpreting the song with his own soul on Heart Meet Break but also all over the record. Throughout LP1 we clearly hear the Timberlake, Usher-esque infused swaggy and hot sexy vibes especially on Hips Don’t Lie and Rude Hours. Liam Payne production skills gives it the best groovy force. Sky is unlimited for the singer, getting up with some dreamy ambiences on Tell Your Friends, a reverberant wall of sound and smooth notes. Speaking of Timberlake earlier, Say It All piece is remembering of Mirrors era, a pure pop bliss leading to heaven the Payne way.

Life is harsh but it’s brighten by the upbeat collab with Cheat Codes. We live fast, die young but despite the lyrical dark theme, there is still hope out there which is musically delightful and sticks in the head all day and all night. There is also some rap incursions, going to the Weekend and Both Ways (Bugatti sport IG video remembers you something) with some background bars mixed with the amazing pitch-controlled falsettos.

Collecting also the previous radio hits, we can’t get enough of the chemistry love song For You, the clubbing fire song Strip That Down, and the Latin hot summer song Familiar. Our moods can be cloudy but there is always a place to be happy. A simple sleeve cover is setting the tone to a diverse playlist, an hour of heavenly adventures.

At the end, we also have this sad ballad, All I Want For Christmas, and atypical festive number, being focused on piano melodies and soft warming emotions that tearing up the audience.

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Electrical ventures

Electronica king Jon Hopkins is teaming up with producer and songstress Kelly Lee Owens on the brand new song Luminous Space.

Reflecting and dreaming through space and time, the beat is drowning into a spatial venture. The sound occupying the whole track except for a couple drops of Kelly Lee Owens smooth high magical notes.

More upbeat than usual Jon Hopkins works, it’s smashing the dancefloor vibes in a light way. Dropping the synth dance just the perfect way to cheer us up.

Hear it here:

Windy roads

The Scottish Britpop band Travis is back with their brand new single. Nearly 4 years after their latest LP, and 20 years of their first outing Fran Healy and his bunch are back with Kissing In the Wind.

The Darrel Thorpe produced track is appearing on the Almost Fashionable-A Film About Travis documentary and is also the teaser from the forthcoming album due for later in 2020.

We definitely hear the singalong vibes of most of Travis tracks with the usual Healy’s signature, with all the melody crackling sensibility. Romantic as always, the humming guitars just suiting perfectly the lyrical dreams. Soothing and refreshing, Fran Healy is starting a quest for a long lost love that will be kept forever.

Listen to the track below:

In the heart of Eden

Singer-songwriter from Dublin Eden released a brand new track Love Death Distraction, a snippet from his forthcoming album due for February 2020, No Future.

Melodically pleasing, the song is full of soul and sadness. Begging our loved one not leaving us alone, the emotion is omnipresent in the soft vocals. Letting go of our feelings is important and Jonathan Ngo aka Eden is taking us in a world of grief in the simplest way but it’s oh so meaningful. Love Death Distraction is definitely a beautiful song, a beautiful piece of dark magic.

Listen below:

Taking over Paris

Mercury Prize nominees and Bristol five piece release this week a new live LP after the success of the rebellious Joy As An Act of Resistance last year.

Recorded at the mythic Bataclan venue in Paris, the band brings an overload of energy. Political, rebellious and raw, they created an ensemble of things that suits perfectly on stage and on the live record. Listening to the whole disc, we feel as we are part of the crowd, enjoying the banging punk drums, the flying guitars and the staccatos in a cheering way. Yeah we can resist but be joyful at the same time, Bataclan having some kind of significance due to past events always remembered there. This live album is a great interlude to the next steps, the band currently working on their third opus.

A Beautiful Thing: Idles Live at Bataclan out December 6th on Partisan Records

Listen to Television below

Warming beats

London’s project Dar.ra going eclectic on this third album New Kinda Normal. Including some lit acid house remixes from Retro Future and Acid Head of the track Diamonds in the Shadows.

Mainly inspired by blues and psychedelia, we feel Primal Scream early years vibes on Heavier Than Rock’n’Roll with the clashing drums, perfectly synchronising the true rockin’ ways. Rewind goes the melodic way with a bluesy deep feelings song, reminding a lot of the 90s Britpop hits. The album is diversely using the soul of rock and another one, Nightstepper is proving it with the guitar catchy riffs blending with the synthpop infused backing melody ventures.

Full of emotions, the Phenomenal retro ambiance is definitely present and is strongly a hitmaking singalong song as well as the brand new shiny single Rock Steady. Whichever type of rocker you are, you’ll find your way to escape in the good world whilst listening.

New Kinda Normal is out now through Kusha Deep Records on all platforms.

Hear Rock Steady below:

Fame and glam punk

Everything is cool with Do Nothing. The Nottingham band is back with a delightful and powerful piece of pop punk. Lebron James got this Bowie-esque infused vibe, a little bit remisnicing of contemporary The Fall and giving us a great taster of the upcoming works in progress. Catching our attention on the banging drums and the dandy attitude, we can’t get enough of the glam seventies like inspired sound. Dark tones are marking the thème of the song, denouncing scanners and people who just want to give imaginary fame to their peers. Do Nothing is definitely one to watch in the near future!

Listen to the track below: