Melancholic nights!

Hailing from Sheffield, Studio Electrophonique is the brand new project from James Leesley, known from his work with High Hazels.

As a preview from the upcoming album in September, the first single Jayne will be available on digital platforms from July 12th via Violette Records.

Capturing the sadness and the emotions in a pure way, Jayne is a simple puzzle of melancholic sounds which brings the magic in. Reminiscing the soft power soulful manners of early Belle And Sebastian mixed with Nick Cave alike poetry, Jayne is shovelling all the emotions to the surface in a strong musicality vibe.

See Jayne official video below:


Love, party and fun times!

When you think about Montreal Jazz Fest, you wouldn’t think about hearing some unexpected artists who are not known in that genre. But, Jazz Fest each year always extend to some other genres and they brought in the new Yorkshire sensation Dominic Harrison aka Yungblud.

One year after the release of his first EP, we were mesmerised.

Opening the show, Saint PHNX from Glasgow set the tone for a huge get together. Everyone was clapping their hands and singing out loud to the rocking indie songs. The stage presence was on point, owning all the space, moving along to the rhythms of the glamourous guitars and banging drums! This was the real essence of a rock’n’roll show!

Then, Yungblud arrived the theatrical way half an hour after the end of Saint PHNX set. Kicking off with 21st Century Liability big mood, the crowd was already into it. Bouncing and shouting their hearts out with the deep societal lyrics, Yungblud reaction was epic.

Yeah Montreal is recognized for the welcoming crowds and this time proved again it was the truth. Tunes after tunes from the Arctic Monkeys kind of Yorkshire sound I Love You When You Marry Me to the boppy Polygraph Eyes, the fans we’re lucky to hear live the brand new single Parents and some other great gems like the absolute banger Loner. Interactions were really omnipresent though there was lots of screams, lots of love and no judgments. Yungblud is depicting the realities of the youngsters in today’s world and his shows are praying acceptance no matter who you are. Hits after hits from his one year old album and EPs, Yungblud delivered so much energy, being authentic, funny and having an incredible stage presence. The entire set and the three-songs encore left the scene burnt down with precious hearts. We felt a part of a family and let’s say that a Yungblud gig is a fookin’ great experience to live!

Funky grooves

270px-the_s.l.p._photo_by_aitor_throupFollowing the success of Kasabian, Sergio Pizzorno turned out to released a surprise solo single last Friday under the project name The S.L.P.

The track Favorites¬†is really not far from the usual Kasabian stuff like the classics Club Foot, Process Beats¬†or Fire, but brings out a funkier vibe. Adding to this the rapping skills of the Londonian rap sensation Little Simz, it marks an evolution to Pizzorno’s work.

Favorites is like a poison to our ears, we can’t get enough of it with the grooves and Little Simz bars. The blend between the typical infused rock and the percussions is perfect with a bang.

You can listen to the track below:

Truly madly Dublin

Dublin’s four piece Inhaler just unveiled their brand new shiny track My Honest Face.

Guitars are glowing around in a pure melodic way through the song. Entertwining the staccatos of early post-punk and early 2000s indie as the likes of Interpol, White Lies or many mores, My Honest Face is a voyage through brutal and deep emotions.

With powerful riffs, served with magic vocals, it’s clearly impossible not to fell in love with the track and jiving along.

Listen below:

Spinning the catchy wheel

In the past years, the Liverpool scene is constantly shining and the proof is already here with brand new band Spinn.

Releasing their first self-titled album, we go through a path of different styles from 80s Cure like melodies to some dance-ish power pop.

The album brings sunshine, catchy hops and fresh jangly and brilliant sounds. It’s a good mix in between modernism and nostalgia with hooked bass notes and fast driven guitars.

Crossing the lines between Two Door Cinema Club kinda early vibes and their own influenced Liverpool school of rock, Spinn is definitely one to watch with all the glitter and joy they bring us.

Listening to the entire album is an excellent way to cheer us up, it’s a pure bliss for the ears.

Sailing through emotions

This coming Friday, London 4-piece Plain Sails will be unveiling a brand new song, Scars. The band’s second single of the year is a sonic travel into time with 80s New Orderesque, Echo And The Bunnymen inspired essence. The guitar bridge is an escape into heaven, leaving an anthemic and melancholic strong imprint.

Between heartaches, mistakes and various experiences, it’s always right to get through it with a powerful song. Scars is definitely one of them. Infectious lyrics that bangs in the head, this song is blending all the feelings into one from sadness to joy. We live in a rollercoaster everyday of our lives and Scars single is bringing us in a dreamy but emotionally realist vibe. It hits us to the heart without knowing it.

Scars will be available on ITunes, Spotify and other platforms from May 13th. Stay tuned!

Du A Gwyn

Welsh rockers Keys unveiled a brand new track after releasing some psychedelic sounds back in the days. Nine years ago they fired up our rock’n’roll dreams with Fire Inside and now their smoothing things up with a fabulous bluesy piece.

Black And White is a tight production still showing the psychedelic sound of the Cardiff outfit with the fuzzy outro. But it also have a Jack White or Black Keys inspiration twist with the bluesy side of Cream, Led Zeppelin and other icons of the late 60s.

Guitars notes flowing through the air fluently and addictively suiting the drums humming smooth beats. It’s impossible not tapping our feet or dancing slowly to this glamourous staccatos rhythms.