Late night soundscape

Bands coming back and forth and some superprojects coming in. Lately, Miki Berenyi from Lush, Modern English Mick Conroy, KJ Moose and Justin Welsh, formerly from Elastica got the party together to produce music under the name of Piroshka.

Everlasting Yours is the first track unveiled from the first album, Brickbat, due for release next February via Bella Union.

Kicking with dreamy sounds, we’re escaping through Miki highly recognizable melodic voice blending so perfectly with the background instruments. Fuzzy shoegaze guitars and classic nostalgia is hitting us hard, melting into some alternate universe.

Harmonies are like echoing in our ears and drown us in a sea of relaxing beautiful notes. It’s especially suiting late night moods and we can’t wait to hear more from the upcoming album.

Listen below:


In the darkest lights

Zayn is back with a new song, while eagerly awaiting for his sophomore album, yet untitled. His recent released is another experimentation, exploring different genres since Dusk Till Dawn.

Despite the catchy upbeats and rhythms , No Candle No Light is painting lyrically how love isn’t easy, how it’s tainted with lies, betrayal and fights. Love ain’t always shiny. Zayn with the help of Nicki Minaj harmonizing on point with a musicality that evolved in many ways in the three minutes venture.

Electronic bridges, rapping lines and smooth vocals melting together made it a must-listened cheer up track, perfect for any mood, day or night.

Buy on ITunes here or listen below:

Weekend nostalgia

Hailing from the heart of Scottish lands, Vida released a track which is meant to soothe our nostalgic soul. Produced by Steve Cradock from Ocean Colour Scene, Where we Came From is leading us back to our good old memories.

The raw vocals reminiscing of The Verve britpop era typical songs got us in a cuddly mood on a Saturday rainy night. Imprinted with soft melodic guitar, Where we came from is not reinventing the wheel as we definitely hear 90s golden era of British music around, still it’s a beautiful piece of mixed emotional harmonies and it’s really magical.

Listen to the track below:

Picture these remixes

Fresh from the success of his latest single Polaroid featuring Liam Payne and brand new songstress Lennon Stella, Jonas Blue invited some of the new top djs to remix that loving track.

The four track EP brought heaven to the dancefloor and will definitely enter the club scene sooner or later. Brighton’s Zac Samuel added some banger beats on the original vocals. Nolan Van Lith from Detroit dressed it up the 8bit deep house vibe. French dj HUGEL gave an energetic electronic drum twist with fire bridges. Grammy winner CID from Brooklyn made a tasty dancefloor hitter, echoing retro disco vibes.

You can buy on ITunes here or listen below

Cardiff’s psychedelian ventures

Welsh music is so alive these days and Bubblewrap records prove it once again by releasing the Perfect Body/Zac White split EP on vinyl November 23rd.

Opening with a fuzzy adventure in the frozen lands with catchy hooks on Getting Cold, we already feel the magic with the poignant soft vocals and shoegaze inspirations.

We then embark into a Bunnymen-esque vaporous and dreamy mood with Fields, followed by 70s like harmonies with a touch of modernism on Tribe of mine.

Spent on You, a melancholic ballad is coming just after with some psychedelic reverbs and sing-along firecamp vibes.

Experimentations were omnipresent on the Super Furry-esque tracks Nuclear Splinter and Sirhan Sirhan. Both tracks made also an incursion into post-punk beats and dark guitar sounds.

The EP is finishing in a beautiful way with short instrumentals called Waltz 3 and Piano Outro.

The Split Ep can suit every mood with all the diversity and musicality it is showing. You can preorder here:

Listen to Spent on You by Zac White here

Dancing in the Merseyside streets

The Tea Street Band from Liverpool is back with their anthemic new record Frequency.

In between 80s era guitar escapism and echoing melodies, Frequency is a travel back in time of the golden synth pop era with a modern indie touch.

It’s definitely getting us in a dancey mood putting fire on the floor. We feel like The Hacienda is back, with the disco vibes and the flying upbeats. You definitely need this record in your collection to get the party started.

Listen here:

Escaping to Glasgow

Perfect for lazy and cozy Sunday mornings, here’s the second single from Glasgow trio OK Button Beds.

Starting with a vaporous intro, the track is a melody flying all around with beautiful notes and harmonies. Technology is upon us and we look back at the beds we’ve made with magnificent electro pop ambient instrumentation.

Beds is bringing us in some dreamy landscape musically and we can’t escape being addicted to it!

Listen to the track below: