Charming just like the « first time »

From the home parties to the streets of Miami in his previous clips, Liam Payne released officially today the video for his current collaboration with Moroccan now American based rapper French Montana, First Time.

Aesthetically pleasing, we travel around the late New York City nights. It’s like it puts a spell on us like the lyrics said. We are totally into the dark lightings, big city vibes or subway and car rides.

Directed by Philip R Lopez, we feel the nightlife grooves of the big Apple suiting perfectly the amazing r’n’b hip hop sound of the song.

As in the previous video, Liam Payne is a natural and he’s born for this. We definitely see the complicity with the other actors of the storyline. French Montana is also giving us a lot of energy around.

Another five star video for Payno.

Watch the video below


Weekend new sounds

It’s almost the end of the summer but we still get plenty of new music for our hearing pleasure. Here’s some of the stuff that took out attention this week!

Shanghai Blues-Lies

Hailing from East London, Shanghai Blues just released their brand new single Lies. Lyrically inspired by complicated relationships, Shanghai Blues made some full-fuelled indie anthem. Skipping from melancholia to powerpop melodies from the beginning to the end, we dive in some catchy guitar riffs atmosphere, reminiscing of some early Britpop tight production. Harmonies between music and vocals are beautifully entertwined and it’s a definite hit in our books!

Blushes-Cielo Rosa

Embarking in soft melodies, Blushes sending us in a dreamy mood with the four-piece new track, Cielo Rosa.

The duality and complicity of both male and female harmonies is making some poetic and artistic musical landscape.


We absolutely need some summer pop vibes in our lives.

Irish singer-songwriter Rushes from West Cork paints some kind a relationship story, being stronger than anything with bopping r’n’b perfectly mixed production. We can’t escape it and we just wanna dance along to the steamy chorus.

Perfect Body-Fields

Strongly 80s inspired, here’s Cardiff Perfect Body’s new single Fields.

In between the echoes of The Las and the folk psychedelic vibes of Teenage Fanclub, Perfect Body is leading us to some refreshing music paths while keeping the nostalgia of the likes of Echo and The Bunnymen. Single will be featured on a split single with Zac White on Bubblewrap Recordings as of November 23rd.

Ørmstons-Bridgewater Way

From Leeds, Ørmstons brings some power punk energy. Full of hooking guitars with fire rhythms, we are also invaded with beautiful and catchy harmonies which are reminiscing of Lush. Good vibes!

Jungle forever

In need of disco and smooth grooves? London’s outfit Jungle is back with their sophomore album For Ever.

Opening with African beats inspired, Smile, it sets the tone for great experimentations.

Echoing their soul through gospel choirs and old seventies disco vibes, we feel joy and fun times. Heavy California is a perfect example of this kind of Earth, Wind and Fire vibe.

All along the record, we are enchanted by the falselto high voice and the jazzy keyboard notes. The instrumentation is amazingly worked on the like of Happy Man or Pray, just to name a few tracks.

We can’t get enough of the romantic melancholic, sometimes Bee Gees-esque escapes.

For Ever is an hidden treasure and marks an amazing return from the band.

listen to the track Pray below:

Dreamy escape with Palm Rose

palm roseComing from the heart of Swindon, Palm Rose is a brand new 4 piece which brings dreamy psychedelia in our lives, Next Friday, September 15th, they are going to release their first EP Daydream.

Opening with Daydream (in Bb) , we dive in a soft intro to get in the mood for the full record. It makes us travelling in a starry sky universe with vaporous vocals

Things get a little bit more rock with Where Are We Now? with Slowdive influenced guitar riffs, still smooth but a little bit upbeat.

Sometimes, we can easily remember the first Interpol album while listening to the Daydream EP. Move Slowly is serving  great vocal lines, melting altogether as one with the drums staccato beats and the piano/synth musings

Tenderness and indie pop sounds can be felt all over the EP. Tender Crush/Heartless Love is proving it as well. The mellow harmonies goes straight to the heart.

Daydream (in C) concludes the EP with some early post-punk indie vibes with lots of melancholia for the ones who digs some Editors or White Lies apparent sounds.

This EP is soothing for the soul, perfect for a Sunday lazy morning or for a rainy night home.

In the meantime, waiting for the release this Friday, you can enjoy some live stuff on Spotify below.

Rock’n’chill with new releases!

Here’s some of the new Friday releases that we really loved this week.

Maribou State-Kingdoms in Colours

London duet Maribou State just released their second album Kingdoms in colours on Counter Records.

Paying tribute to some clubs closure around London, Maribou State unveiled smooth ambiances mixed with more upbeat joyful tracks. Collabing with Holly Walker on vocals on some songs, the London outfit brings sunshine on the dancefloor.

Menace Beach-Black Rainbow Sound

We knew their lo-fi influences with staccatos and banging drum beats. The Leeds outfit still at it.

But, they also added some fuzzy spices on the record, going into psychedelic roads on the title track and all around the songs making the LP.

The title track is also an interesting collab with Brix Smith, ex The Fall, going deep in the krautrock, punk attitude.

Menace Beach were brilliant as usual and we are definitely in love with the sound evolution, especially with the synths add-ons.

Banfi-If Not For You

It’s impossible to avoid tapping our feet or dancing while hearing the intro notes of this song. With some catchy indie vibes, the London trio is leading us to a musically joyful universe. The single is reminiscent of the likes of Two Door Cinema Club or The 1975, it’s perfect indie pop. The falsettos hit us up in the heart and we can’t wait to hear some more!

Record of the week: Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt

We always loved this band since their very first album, Lazer Guided Melodies back in 1992. Since then they released masterpieces one after one before taking a long hiatus. Six years after Sweet Heart Sweet Light, J Spaceman and the gang released a brand new album And Nothing Hurt.

Fulfilled of emotional and soft melodies, we are still amazed by the musical travelling minds that are Spiritualized.

We definitely feel the band vibes from years ago with melancholia and of course the rocking psychedelia on the likes of On The Sunshine with the flutes and hippie sitar and guitar riffs.

But sometimes, change is for the good and despite a couple of the typical sound they offered us since the beginning of their history, they bring refreshing beats on a couple of tracks.

Adding some bluesy lines on I’m Your Man, arranging a romantic mood, the album from one song to another is perfect for any days of your life. It’s definitely one of our essential record of the week.

New gem single:Accu-Am Sêr

Preparing their upcoming first album Echo The Red, expected in the fall, Accü just unveiled last Friday a brand new single calle Am Sêr. With a perfect instrumentation for late night tales, the single is a wonderful piece of poetry. We can feel the hippie late sixties beat all along the track mixed with electronic ambient arrangements. Am Sêr is an amazing voyage through the Welsh culture. Growing on us like an epic love song, we can’t get enough of the beautiful soft vocals. If you like Gwenno, Bat For Lashes and cool psychedelia, this Carmarthenshire project is definitely worth a listen. The single is available now through Libertino Records.