On our decks!


Wyldest – -45

Minus 45 one of the most recent track from that London outfit. The three piece is giving us an epic daydreamy song as a taster of their forthcoming self-produced Hitchhiker EP. This is an ode to loneliness with shoegazed-influenced guitar falsetto loops .

The Blinders-Brave New World

Hailing from the hometown of Doncaster and now based in Manchester, The Blinders are up to their second single Brave New World. We feel deep in a roadtrip while listening to the sexy blues guitar notes with a mix of Kasabian/Muse-esques vibe. A must-watched band!


We can’t asked for more. This tune got it all. The reggae background with the banging staccato drum perfectly mixed with the vocal harmonies. It’s a summer banger and third track from Bambino, the Birmingham band sophomore album expected for release on September 8th. Unstoppable is definitely catchy and reminds a little bit of Alt-J at their beginning. It wears the right title as it’s playing on shuffle and on repeat on our Ipods.

Tangerines-Into The Flop House

Glamourous indie garage rock is coming back. Tangerines from London just released a couple of weeks ago Into The Flophouse. While listening we just want to lay down on the beach, enjoying the sun. It’s a perfect remedy when people got the blues and the rhythm cheered us up. We can think a little bit about the Beach Boys or even Teenage Fanclub. Let’s enjoy the summer with that gem!

Our weekly indie vibe!


Here some tracks we enjoyed in the last weeks. Electro, indie, new releases, even pop songs, it’s summer and we love it!

Sol Flare-Easy Line

Let’s get back to the eighties with that fulfilled synth-pop track. This three-piece from London with Jenny Jones’  magical voicetones as the likes of La Roux and Churches’ Lauren Mayberry perfectly entertwined with the staccato beats.

Half Canadian half Russian Unmagma unveiled Lama, an escaping breathtaking shoegazy track. Helped by Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins, Lama is a travel through the wild with some psychedelic mellow vibes. This track is due to appear on


The Cribs-24-7 Rock Star Shit

The Wakefield brothers are back with a seventh studio album 24-7 Rock Star Shit. Still close to their usual grunge-like rebellious sound. It’s maybe not their best album as we are still hooked to the freshness of The New Fellas back in the days, but it’s perfect to let out our anger and sing along the raw tunes. Here’s Rainbow Ridge taken from the album out now.



It’s summertime and this tune is a perfect one to cheer us up on a rainy day. Retro pop at its best, it’s like the Welsh version of Camera Obscura or Belle and Sebastian. Catchy old 60’s like influenced drums beats with cute harmonies, we love it!



it’s time to party! Weekend tunes of the week


Spilt Milk Society-Voices

For all your nostalgic britpop cravings, this Wolverhampton 5 piece outfit is there with their falsettos and slow guitar jams. Glamorous like Placebo, with a little bit of Alt-J esque melodic progression. A new band to hear definitely!

Public Service Broadcasting-Progress

With a brand new sparkling album out on Test Card Recordings, Public Service Broadcasting went on the collab wave. We still recognize their post-punkish electronic talking genre, but they’ve just added James Dean Bradfield on vocals on one of their track. On Progress, they are going a little bit more poppish and catchy with the lovely voice of Camera Obscura’s Tracy Ann Campbell. Synths and folk-pop intertwined perfectly on that song which song really  we are ready to roadtripping.

Toddla T feat Andrea Martin-Magnet

Forget the Clean Bandit or Calvin Harris beats, this is one of the most dancefloor hit of the summer. Taken from Toddla T’s forthcoming album,  this song have the right title. It stucks in our head like a Magnet with his jungle-like drum’n’bass beats mixed with the lovely pop voice over of Andrea Martin. Definitely a success!

Zedd feat Liam Payne-Get Low

The German dj is back at it! Just after getting to number one with the Canadian songstress Alessia Cara with Stay, he wrote this summer tropical banger with Liam Payne. It’s like a virus, it’s totally growing on us with this catchy chorus. With Liam’s haunting falsettos and Zedd’s melodic electronic sensuality and bops, it’s going to be a classic!


Tropical vibes, retro eighties and rock’n’roll!


It’s a little bit quiet while scrolling through the song or album releases but there is some summer bangers that worths the listen. Obviously there will be more to come soon, but here it is:

La Forme-Birds in an Aviary

Back to the eighties with the baryton voices of the Smiths or The Cure, we explored the darkness of the young population. But this classic tone is back with the retro synthpop-esque outfit La Forme with a brand new single out on July 17th through Libertino records. Describing love as being in a cage with a soulful sad melody. Just perfect!


Liam Payne-Strip That Down (Nevada Remix)

I can’t get enough of this. Still in love with the original but the tropical sound of it makes us want go to the beach dancing around the sea. It sets the party vibes of the original one even more. We wanna have fun and be rowdy, definitely.


Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles-Hamburg

Llanduno outfit is tracing his path through the radio stations with their brand new single Hamburg. Perfect for a fast-drive roadtrip, it’s plenty of great guitar hooks, rock’n’rolling the indie world. It’s raw, quick and so effective!

Omaloma-Aros O Gwmpas

Welsh music is alive and healthy with that brand new track from Cae Gwyn Records roster. Sexy retro  soft-disco synth vibes in the poetic welsh language. Summerish anthem for beach parties of course.

HMS Morris unveils Morbid Mind


Freshly released on April 28th on  Waco Gwenci label, Morbid Mind is the new track from HMS Morris

Enter in a world of pop psychedelia intertwined perfectly with chaotic guitar fuzz vibes. HMS Morris delivered again a pure bliss of a song. Love the catchy, post-punk-esque quick rythmics. Filmed around Cardiff train station and Fitzhamon Lane Studio in collaboration with Rhodri Brooks, it brings loads to the concept with the black and white atmosphere and the lighting effects.

You can watch the video over here:


New releases on fire!


Loads of music came to our attention in the last weeks! From diverse spheres of music, here’s what retained our attention during the last days.

Stevie Parker-The Cure

We knew her from her electronic soft beats title track released at the end of 2016. Throughout the listen, we can definitely think of the sound of The XX, London Grammar or early Florence and the Machine on the full album. Sometimes darker, sometimes joyful, she’s playing with our emotions. The Cure is out now on Universal/EMI

Paul Weller-A Kind Of Revolution

The modfather is back with his brand new album. Well-done orchestration, strong and soulful vocals, what can we ask more? Incorporating strings, jazz sounds, but still with his 70’s-like influenced beats, he’s going to impress a few ones again. Paul Weller is a legend and proves it again.



We first discovered them with the 7 minutes long anthem Priestess. The wait is over after their latest EP, the album named Witch is out now on Fiction Records. Think PJ Harvey with fuzzy psych guitars intertwined with old baggy Britpop on the likes of My Gruesome Loving Friends. Pumarosa really deserving the hype they have at the moment, such talent and creativity is part of this band.


Liam Payne-Strip That Down (single)

When you talk about summer bops, this title is one of them. Hopefully it gets on the charts worldwide. You have all in one tune: beats, charismatic voice and rythmic hooks that just wants make us to dance till the end of the night. Like it or not, this track deserves to be recognized for the production skills. Just enjoy it under the sun and keep vibing.

Focus Wales: from locals to international acts


Final day of Focus Wales was plenty of great stuff. Starting with conferences on how to live from creativity in a digital world, we discovered the world of music on video games and the way that music is developing through different mobile apps and platforms.

Someperson was providing some sick beats in between the conferences.

We then headed to Oriel Wrecsam for Pulco for some folk-rock-fuzzy experimental, impossible to describe. The place was full for a theatrical and poetic performance.

After a quick waffle-burger lunch, we got back to the venue to see Heal The Last Stand catchy folk harmonies. We travelled all through their melodies and poetry during the full set.

To finish the night, we stayed at Central Station to catch The Glendale Family a six piece outfit who are mixing traditional and folk pop music at its best. Sweet vocals, great lines, you can just fall in love.

It was followed by Darren Eedens on the other stage. It was the first time we saw the Canadian-born, now based in Cardiff with a full band, getting joyful banjo songs on stage with all the people dancing around.

We continued our journey with the indie melodic guitars of Denuo. Their music is hypnotising and beautifully produced with a National, White Lies, Editors, Doves, kind of sound.

Then, Dusky Grey duet took the second stage at Central for popping catchy beats, a mix of real standard pop with folkish harmonies. Loved it!

Peaness went up a little bit joyful and made us dance to clever indie pop music. Fresh from the release of a brand new EP on Alcopop! the girls went on an energetic performance.

At the end of the set, we saw HMS Morris with their psychedelic experimentation. Poetic voices and occasional Welsh rhymes brought us in a different universe. Synth pop-blues, indie, this band proved they can be versatile and being great in every style.

Focus Wales, as every year, tried to making us discovering brand new music from every part of the world. Colt Silvers from France was one of them with their early Foals influences. It was dancey rock at its best. Their presence on the tiny stage was perfect.

Kidsmoke arrived a couple of songs later for their fresh indie guitar rock 

The crowd was bouncing to the guitar riffs and catchy choruses and they unveiled their brand new single.

We then enjoyed the soulful and powerful voice of Betsy. She is definitely a superstar, with a huge presence, she owned the stage so comfortably with her pop songs.

We finished our night at Central station with Seazoo, Wrexham’s own indie pop 5-piece. Recently performing at Canadian music week in Toronto, they came back home for a memorable set. People were bouncing to the jangle-pop beats, spreading happiness all around.

We walked to Un Deg Un to watch some BBC Wales exclusives sessions from Adwaith. Hailing from Camarthen, the all-female band, played a couple of indie-folk as the likes of Belle and Sebastian and even made a cover of the Pixies, Where Is My mind, which was a beautiful rendition.

Tender Prey came a little bit later with their garage-punk banging hits. The crowd grew and danced along with the staccatos and the post-punk vibes.
We finished our late night to Pop Montreal showcase with two artists that we knew from our hometown.

Bringing African beats Pierre Kwenders put the fire in a jam-packed Rewind club. He choreographed perfectly with the rhythms and played also new songs from his album released in September. This set was as groovy as Mozart Sister, his compatriot from Montreal, Canada, with her electronic 80s vibe. Alone with her boombox, she danced, she sang to get the party started. Girls just wanna have fun and she proved it as the last act of the festival.

We thank everyone who made that festival amazing again and hopefully see you next year.